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We know. You’ve seen this a million times before, and your finger is poised to scroll at supersonic speeds to the bottom and get this thing over with. We’re just as bored as you. But this is important.

We’ve created these terms of use in a simple, straightforward format. This is a legal document; it’s important to know what you are agreeing to. By using this website, you are agreeing to these terms of use. The terms of this agreement are subject to modification from time to time, and the effective date of the current terms is set out at the end of the page. We will inform you if anything within this agreement changes. It is also important that you read our Privacy Policy; by agreeing to these terms, you are affirming that you have read, understood, and agree to our Privacy Policy.

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Minus 45 is operated by Human Agency, which is provided by Courier Inc (the “Company”). This is a legally binding agreement between you and the Company. This agreement dictates how you are allowed to use this website and how you interact with the Company and Human Agency and all websites operated by Human Agency (collectively, “Human Agency”).


Users of Human Agency need to be over the age of 13. If anyone over 13 but under the age of 18 wishes to use this website, their legal guardian needs to set up their account, approve their usage of the site, and be present when they use it. If you are a non-U.S. national (“Foreign National”), you are not permitted to buy or place political messages through our website. Political messages are any messages that express advocacy for the election or defeat of a candidate for political office. Any ad that solicits funds for a political campaign or committee are also forbidden for Foreign Nationals. If you are a citizen of Cuba, Iran, Sudan, the Crimean Region, Syria, North Korea or any entities that are the target of U.S. or European Union sectoral sanctions, you are not permitted to use this website.


Human Agency allows you to create and place advertisements and messages on other websites and provides agency services. Make sure you don’t make messages or behave in any way that would violate the terms of service or advertising policies of such other websites. The platforms that may be accessible through Human Agency and whose policies must not be violated include Bing, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify, and Twitter. Bing’s advertising policies can be found here. Facebook’s advertising policies can be found here. Google’s advertising policies can be found here. LinkedIn’s advertising policies can be found here. Pinterest’s advertising policies can be found here. Snapchat’s terms of service can be found here. Spotify’s advertising policies can be found here. Twitter’s advertising policies can be found here. Any platforms that we support in the future will also have terms of service that you will need to look over before you make messages on their websites.


Human Agency puts power in the user’s hands. It is important that everyone behaves responsibly and respectfully. Any illegal activity, harassment or abuse, publishing of personal information, fraudulent claims or schemes, impersonation, username stealing/selling/squatting, intellectual property infringement, spam, malware distribution, claims of endorsement by Human Agency, degradation, unauthorized data mining, or unauthorized penetration testing is forbidden. If you do any of these things we have the right to ban you from the website and pursue any legal action we deem appropriate.


Human Agency allows you to create and run messages on other websites. While we want to help you create the most effective advertisements possible, we are not responsible for their content or success. Human Agency is not responsible for and cannot be sued over any lack of advertisement effectiveness; we are not responsible for any negative backlash that your ad may receive; we are not responsible for any lost revenue or public scrutiny that may come about because of your ad. Additionally, we are not responsible for the timeliness of your advertisement; your ad will not run until after it has passed our and our social partners’ review processes. We reserve the right to block any or all messages.


We offer users the ability to communicate their ideas through an extremely effective medium. While we stand for free speech and discourse, we by no means endorse or condone any or all of the views that are propagated through our website. We do not screen and review all content; if something slips through our process, please report it so that we can review and potentially remove it. However, we are not liable for any damages caused by content created or used by users, whether or not caught by our review process. Further, content removal and user banning is something that we want to do judiciously; it may take time for us to decide whether or not to do this. Our website allows users to “share” that they have used our website on various social media/websites.


As long as you are an eligible user (see section two) and you follow these terms of service, you are free to create and use an account on Human Agency. Information that you provide us about you needs to be accurate and complete. If you provide false, misleading or incomplete information, we can remove your account. Purchasing and selling of accounts is forbidden. If you lose access to your account, contact us and we will do what we can to help you. If we are unable to grant access to a lost account, we are not responsible. If you wish to delete your account, contact us and we will do so.


Human Agency offers supplementary agency services. These are services offered beyond the base use of the platform, may be subcontracted, and are subject to the same terms as the base use of the platform.


Human Agency may share, publicly or through direct communication with users, identities of or other information about our contractors or partners. If you consume information concerning these contractors and partners shared by Human Agency, you agree to not work with these contractors and partners or change your working or financial relationship with Human Agency as a result of this information.


Current pricing information is available on the pricing or funding page of this website and users are responsible for paying the pricing as applicable at the time of use and complying with any additional terms outlined on the pricing or funding page. Payment in advance is required before any message will run.


As a user of the platform or services, you grant Human Agency an unrestricted and unlimited right to share your name, associated company(ies) or organization(s), your story, any likenesses, and any content or information you upload to the site or otherwise provide to Human Agency, including through tagging Human Agency on social media platforms. You are solely responsible for ensuring our right to this information.


Human Agency facilitates the ability of users to publish content to the internet. With respect to content placed on our platform, if someone has violated any copyright or other rights you have, please contact us and we will endeavor to do what we reasonably can to assist, but we are not liable for any damages caused by such an infringement. As a user, do not post content that violates anyone else’s copyright, trademark, or other rights. If you post original content on Human Agency, you are responsible for ensuring it is your intellectual property. If you use someone else's content, you are responsible for ensuring you have the right to do so. By posting content to Human Agency, you are granting Human Agency an unrestricted right to use or modify your intellectual property, including for commercial purposes. Content produced by Human Agency for its own purposes or for clients is wholly owned by Human Agency. All content on Human Agency should be considered Human Agency's or a Human Agency user’s intellectual property. Your use of this content is restricted to the platform or where Human Agency provides this content outside the platform. If you use any of Human Agency's intellectual property in a non-permissible way, you are breaking the law and we will pursue any legal action we deem appropriate.


As an advertising platform and agency, Human Agency is running ads on your behalf. As the user, you are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.


The fact that we facilitate your use of the internet and social media channels does not make us liable for any damage, obligation, or expense you may incur, including your legal fees or defense in court. You are responsible and liable for your actions on our website. Further, if Human Agency or any subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, officers, partners or licensors is sued or incurs any liability because of your actions, you are agreeing to pay for it.


Human Agency can be modified and changed at any point. Human Agency is used “as is” and “as available.” We reserve the right to alter Human Agency whenever we deem appropriate. We cannot guarantee that Human Agency will be available in an uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free way. If you lose any work or suffer any losses, we are not responsible. If you have epilepsy, it is possible that a seizure could commence due to light patterns that could be present on the website. Please consult a physician if you begin to experience dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary motions or convulsions.


You are acknowledging that Human Agency and any subsidiaries or affiliates, agents, employees, officers, partners or licensors are not liable for any damages (punitive, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary). These damages include loss of profit, goodwill, use, data, and/or intangible losses.


Please report any violations or disputes pertaining to these terms of service to the following contacts:

Mailing Address:
Minus 45
c/o Human Agency
4021 Laclede Ave.
PO Box 23037
St. Louis, MO 63156




These terms of service are governed by Missouri law.

These are our terms of service and subject to change at any point. Any previous arrangement/agreements/deals are subject to these terms. Just because you break one term does not permit you to break more.

The effective date of the current terms set out above is November 7, 2018.