What the hell is going on here?

Where do my messages go?

We use the very cool tech behind digital advertising to display your message on popular websites– including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google– to those who have indicated that they favor Trump or policies of his administration.

What happens after I submit?

After you submit your message, our super-awesome team of digital wizards edits & packages your message and prepares it for dispersion across the internet.

How is this funded?

All of our messages are made by the Minus 45 community– and so they're also all funded by the Minus 45 community coffer. After you create your awesome message, we'll generate a link to share a fundraiser on Facebook so that Uncle Bill and cousin Jamie can contribute, too.

How to be the best messenger you can be

Speak your truth. What do you care about about? What infuriates you about this administration? What do you wish Trump supporters knew? Use our ad roulette for inspiration or check out ads other people have submitted.

Explain why your audience should care. Who are you speaking to and how does this subject affect them? What are their current perceptions and how can you frame your message in a way that helps them understand the importance of your message. Pretend you’re meeting someone for the first time. “Trump is a f%&*ing A$&hole” isn’t very persuasive.

Keep it simple. Try making your message brief - we’d recommend up to 30 seconds for videos (…or longer if you’re inspired). You don’t have to make a fancy or complicated video to have an impact. It’s better to make a quick, simple video and start connecting to voters than to make nothing at all.

What happens to my money?

How are contributions used?

95% of contributions go into campaign operations. ~5% is used for PAC administration. Each contributor dollar will result in at least 50 ad impressions targeted at to Trump supporters. Contributions also help to cover additional campaign expenses such as digital marketing, video creation, creative, website costs, promotional costs, third-party fees, contractors we pay, etc.

If you would like to learn more about the use of funds, email us info@minus45.com.

We live in an age of misinformation. What sources are you using and/or how are your statistics calculated?

Trump has lied at least 5,000 times in office according to the Washington Post.

Data on political polarization comes from Harvard.

Data on ad views comes from Facebook and Google.

We review each ad submitted and do our best to ensure they are truthful and not misleading. If you have information you think helps add to the site, corrects or improves our statistics, or helps us run more truthful ads, please feel free to email us at info@minus45.com.

How do I know my donations were effective?

We are committed to providing all of our supporters with as much information as we can about the success of our campaign. Part of this is an experiment, can we actually reach and persuade people who are not like us? But our team has extensive digital marketing experience, and we are confident that our efforts can make a big difference.

After you contribute, we will provide you with updates on the campaign, and what we've learned. We will do our best to include data and insights into what ads were successful, and how many people we have engaged.

We are committed to making the use of funds as effective as possible. If you have ads you think we should run, we will run them. If you believe you can run ads more effectively, please reach out and we'll consider having you spend the campaign dollars. We are committed to finding the most impactful uses of dollars and to returning data on the ads to funders and the public at large.

How effective are digital ads?

By now, most of us have heard about how Russian agents tried to influence the election using Facebook ads.

But you may not know the level of detailed and advanced targeting that these platforms enable. Social media platforms capture tons of data from their users, everything from their political affiliation to how recently they returned from vacation, and allows advertisers to use those data points for targeted ads.

This can be a bit scary, and deserves its own discussion. But we've realized that we can use this power to engage people who support or could support President Trump.

We also get analytics about each ad's performance, allowing us to constantly change and adapt our strategy to promote the most effective ads.

Plus, we've seen this in action. Our team has used these methods to enroll people in classes, register record number of voters, and provided the only paid communications for some of 2018’s best political wins.

We believe we can make a difference with these ads. But we need your help to make it happen.

How is the impact of the campaign measured?

We measure success by the number of people we reach with our ads, and the number of people who engage with them.